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Contract Development Manufacturing Organization

Expert tailor-made partnerships for innovative companies

A tailor-made

organization to better serve our customers


service from process development to submission


commercial supply and life cycle management


innovation in our fields of expertise
CDMO Biotech


We have been accompanying customers in the biotech fields since 1985 and have a significant track record. 80 Sanofi Active Ingredient Solutions’ employees are fully dedicated to biotech platforms working on an average of more than 70 batches / missions each year.
CDMO Oligosaccharide


From clinical supply to commercial manufacturing, we have 25 years of experience in the field of oligosaccharides. Sanofi Active Ingredient Solutions’ analytical expertise, which guarantees purity and quality, as well as our robust supply chain are widely recognized.
CDMO fermentation


We are recognized for our large volume fermentation technologies and our strong and proven expertise in nutraceuticals, vitamins and probiotics. We have the expertise and the capacity to meet our clients’ specific demands with the highest standards.
CDMO Classic multistep organic synthesis

Classic multistep organic synthesis

We have long-standing expertise in organic chemistry with specific competencies in complex and long synthesis, and support our customers’ projects from early phases through to validation campaigns.

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