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Sanofi Active Ingredient Solutions is the world leader in prostaglandin with a strong historical background in process development and the scale-up of new chemical entities. Our catalogue includes 18 prostaglandins APIs. Our production lines are multi-purpose allowing quick and flexible developments and scale-ups, along with constant high quality. We also provide exhaustive regulatory support to our customers.
Biotech & Fermentation

Biotech & Fermentation

We are the sole European Vitamin B12 manufacturer. Our expertise in fermentation includes large capacity production. Our Biotech API catalog offers 14 APIs including Vitamin B12 and its derivatives, antibiotics and anti-tuberculosis. Beyond the APIs, we have developed a strong customer-oriented policy with a large range of possible specifications and customizations. We manufacture Biotech APIs on demand. Please contact our CDMO team.
API synthesis


We have developed a broad offer for multiple therapeutic areas for human and animal health. As of today, our synthesis API portfolio counts 58 references, covering Cardiovascular diseases, Metabolic disorders, Analgesics & NSAIDs (non-fluorinated glucocorticoids and derivatives), Central nervous system disorders and Anesthetics.
Corticosteroids & Hormones

Corticosteroids & Hormones

In the Corticosteroids & Hormones field, we have more than 60 years of expertise and are the sole European fully integrated corticoids manufacturer. Our Corticosteroids & Hormones portfolio comprises 31 APIs, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesics & NSAIDs.
Poppy seeds


Sanofi Active Ingredient Solutions is the European leader in opiates and provides a fully integrated activity from poppy seeds to active pharmaceutical ingredients. Our portfolio comprises 15 APIs. Our activity ranges from poppy seeds to APIs, through agronomic research, industrial and agricultural production and distribution. Each year, we grow and harvest 10,000 ha of poppies.

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